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Would You Like Us To Create a Blueprint?

Would you like us to create a blueprint that will show you how you can increase patient lead flow and practice revenue… without more work or costly advertising campaigns?

We fulfill our mission to effect change in the world by spreading your message to the people who need it most.  We do this with our 5 Pillar system which creates automated, low-cost, scalable systems that allow you to reach more clients, with more impact while giving you more profit and more time to do what you love


  • TRIBE: Attract your ideal clients who are more than willing to pay you for your expertise.  Enjoy a tribe of other professionals, just like you, who want to change the world! 
  • MARKETING: Teach you the marketing skills and tools to be successful in a highly competitive market.
  • AUTOMATION: Streamline your business so that it is self-managed and highly predictable.
  • MINDSET: Create the kind of mindset mastery which allows you to overcome obstacles and challenges along the way.
  • PROFIT: Increase your profits by using proven sales funnels and marketing tactics which position you and your brand as the authority in your field. 

How It Works

Recognizing that you are an expert clinician – not expert marketer – Big Boost Marketing was founded to handle marketing strategy AND implementation for busy practitioners.


Marketing Strategy

To ensure success, our project managers will start by reviewing the current state of your practice.


Website Funnel

Depending on your needs, our team can deploy a turn-key patient acquisition funnel in as little as 3-4 weeks.


Website Customization

In close collaboration with you and your team, we will ensure your website content and branding is unique and positions you as a health leader in your community.

A collaborative approach to identify who your ideal clients are, how to reach them in your ZIP code, and how to convert website interest into contact information.

Ongoing training to increase your confidence and mastery around marketing, technology and becoming a leader in your local community.

Are You Ready To Make A Bigger Impact?

Got questions about your marketing approach, your website or how to pre-educate your prospective patients more effectively? Our project managers are standing by to provide valuable perspective and potential solutions to put your practice into thrive mode.

Hear From Our Clients

If you haven’t met Travis Richardson by now where have you been? This guy is an amazing digital marketer. If you want to skyrocket your business with innovative and amazing interaction to attract more customers or automate your business, get a hold of him now!”Holly PorterProsperityPublisher.com

“Travis, I especially found your marketing insights to be valuable – your input will go a long way towards ensuring my return on the investment supports my business, as well as my personal development.”

Susan CrossmanCrossman Communications

“I met Travis on an organized 10 day trip travelling to Costa Rica. Travis was responsible for logistics and assisting on this exciting trip for 13 Canadian Entrepreneurs and Messengers. Beyond his skill for detailed organization Travis provided all participants a seemingly endless stream of support and positive energy.  Thank you Travis for being a catalyst, for your authenticity and your enthusiasm and for providing endless support.”

Simone Usselman-Tod
Wild About Wellness

“Travis impressed me thoroughly, not just on a professional, but on a human level. He showed up as one of the most conscious, heart-open and aware people I have ever met. He always had an open ear and showed excellent communication skills which allowed him to come up with creative solutions to meet everybody’s needs. His marketing knowledge was first-rate and his business ideas were extremely helpful. But most importantly, he was able to adapt to different levels of experience and understanding. I highly recommend him as a marketing expert and coach. You are in excellent hands with Travis.

Angelika Baum
Green Door Relaxation

I would happily recommend Travis from a leadership standpoint. And from a Marketing perspective, he proved to be very knowledgeable and offered some excellent guidance for my business.  Thank you Travis for being you!

Virginia Fantasia
Live Your Life Dream PA

Ready To Set Your Business ON FIRE!?

Want to know more about how to acquire more pre-qualified clients and grow your tribe? We'd love to answer any questions you have about your website, social media, email and any other marketing approach you are using.  Let's light this thing up together!


Our team has only one goal-your absolute success in changing peoples lives. We do that through helping you take the guesswork out of marketing and technology.

We've helped other respected practitioners and organizations do the same, and know exactlyl what it takes to grow your tribe, be seen as a leader in your field, and enjoy more time freedom as a result.


As a health coach or health practitioner, your main goal is to create change in the clients you work with.  The key to this is to create streamlined, automated marketing systems which help you spend more time with people, and less time with technology.

That's why we focus so much on attracting the right clients, making sure they are pre-qualified and interested in your service, which makes it so much easier for you to close more business and reach even more people.


We are not a single solution company like many of the fragmented sales and marketing services you can find today. 

We have the exact formula that you need to for your health and wellness business to explode.  Our team has experience with web development, landing page creation, online summit hosting, setting up auto-responders, appointment schedulers, setting up workshops, and that's only the beginning. 

In short...We got you!

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